The perfect environment

Recessed or Exposed options available

A door that is continually opening and closing in a retail environment will benefit from an air curtain being installed. In the winter, cold air is kept out and warm air kept in, and in the summer, cool air-conditioned air is kept in and hot air from outside is kept out. Air curtains provide energy and cost savings as well as producing a much more comfortable internal environment for staff and customers.

Five years ago the majority of air curtains installed in the UK were direct electric or water fan coils which despite having a low capital cost, were very expensive to run and clumsy to control.

Mitsubishi Electric launched the first heat pump air curtain in 2008 in collaboration with Thermoscreen and now is a firm favourite for retail clients who are prepared to invest in a lower carbon future. The additional capital cost of a heat pump warm air curtain will be paid back in its second year of operation.

Heat pump technology offers the benefits of comfortable temperature control via inverter technology and state of the art controllers. The efficiency of a heat pump means savings of up £1900 (74% savings) vs electric alternatives.