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Wall Mounted

Designed to cool or heat small to medium sized spaces, the Mitsubishi Electric split wall mounted ranges provide a versatile solution for front and back of house.

  • Range 2kW to 10kW
  • Compact design
  • Variety of finishes
  • Top of the range high COP/EER inverter range
  • Low noise
  • Infra-red or wall controller available


At least 1 in 4 units on the UK high street is a Mitsubishi Electric cassette; quick, cost effective and easy to install for the majority of retail applications.

  • Quick and simple installation within retail spaces
  • Range 2.5kW - 14kW capacity
  • Low noise level
  • Flexible & customized airflow patterns
  • High efficiency fan motors
  • Large range of ECA approved
  • Single, Twin, Triple, Quad Applications

Drop Down Grille

Perfect for spaces with high ceilings or a need for regular filter cleaning. This innovative solution will save time and money and can be used without cleaning platforms by non-technical operatives.

  • Improves energy performance with regular filter cleaning
  • Fast and easy access for ceilings up to 4m
  • Improved health and safety and reduce maintenance time
  • Filter can be cleaned by a non-skilled workers, reducing cost
  • Reduced ceiling staining
  • Controlled from IR and Wall controller

3D i-see Sensor

The optional Mitsubishi Electric 3D i-see sensor is one of the most advanced features available for ceiling cassettes in the market. It is embedded into the grille and directs targeted cooling to the areas that it identifies.

  • 360 degree highly accurate sensor
  • Energy saving modes including occupancy intelligent temperature adjustment
  • Human body temperature, room occupancy and position detection
  • Intelligent air movement to deal with hot spots and draughts

Heat Pump Warm Air Curtain

In collaboration with Thermoscreens Ltd, Mitsubishi Electric have developed a range of heat pump warm air curtains maintaining comfort levels and preventing conditioned air from escaping during open door trading.

  • Connectable to either Split or VRF systems
  • Range 8kW to 21kW
  • Door widths 1m, 1.5m and 2m
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and running cost
  • Typical payback 1.5 to 2.5 years
  • Intelligent controls – weather compensation
  • ECA approved

Local Control

Mitsubishi Electric’s standard remote controller leads the industry with its design and enhanced features:

  • Backlit screen
  • Control of up to 16 indoor units
  • Control of mode, dual setpoint, fan speed, night setback etc.
  • Monitoring of room temperature and setpoint
  • Fault codes
  • 7 day time scheduling
  • Feature lockout to prevent staff tampering

Remote access web based control

MelcoRetail, Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative web based controller provides access to a client’s full estate remotely.

  • Two models available via LAN or GPRS
  • Advanced energy saving features
  • Controls third party equipment including lighting, alarms, ventilation etc.
  • Energy metering capability
  • Control via PC, smartphone or tablet
  • National coverage of multiple sites

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay unit uses state-of-the-art heat exchange technology that enables CO2 reduction and energy saving. Designed to supply fresh air into any commercial building whilst simultaneously extracting stale air and, most importantly, recovering valuable heat energy for maximum efficiency.

  • Reduced Energy usage
  • Interlocks with AC
  • Night purge or free cooling with fresh air possible
  • Improved air quality and comfort such as CO2 control
  • Single or double stacked units available

Outdoor Condensing Units

Suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of applications, our Mr Slim range is the UK’s market leading choice of split systems.

  • Range 2.5kW to 44kW
  • Top of the range Power Inverter technology optimised for high seasonal efficiencies
  • Up to 100m pipe run
  • Twin fan wall mountable 20 & 25kW units
  • Low noise operation
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) ranges
  • Connects to cassettes, ducted, floor, wall or ceiling mounted indoor units